Hide Title Column in Custom SharePoint Lists

In one of my latest projects I was faced with the need to hide the OOTB Title column in a custom SharePoint list. Initially I thought this would be an easy job to be done within 2-3 minutes but it turned out I was wrong. I read several articles on the web, including a couple of discussions in MSDN forums dedicated to the exact same topic, but honestly none of the suggestions worked for me. Finally, I managed to find a working solution that I am glad to share with you, hoping it could be of help should you need to accomplish the same task.

The completed solution will provision a SharePoint list with a custom content type that has three fields and the Title column is hidden. For the sake of brevity I will highlight only the key artifacts comprising the sample, omitting details like the creation of custom fields and the deployment of a custom list with a feature.

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Querying Boolean Fields with CAML

Recently in one of our projects we had to write some code to get items from a list in SharePoint 2013 using CAML. “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy” … I hear you say. It should be quite trivial especially given the fact that CAML has been around since SharePoint Team Services – the very first version of the platform.

Well, not so fast. If my experience as a SharePoint consultant has taught me anything, it is that even the most seemingly trivial task in SharePoint can kill you a couple of hours. That is – if you are lucky.

So let’s see where the catch is in querying Boolean fields with CAML.

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